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Question: How Can I Send a File to my Client?

Answer: A professional and client may send a file back and forth. This will work even if they have different computers (Windows versus Mac).

Here are the steps:

1. Client Software.

First, the client needs to have the Client Edition of Family Law Software.

If the client does not have the Client Software, he or she can download it here:

Click here for the Client Software

2. Sending the File.

The professional can click "Files & Settings > Save As..." to rename the file before sending it to the client.

The professional should then click Files & Settings > Email," and enter the client's e-mail address.

The client will receive the file as an attachment to the e-mail from the professional.

3. Client Opening the File

The client should download the file to his or her Documents / Family Law Software folder.

If the file has the same name as an existing file, the client may wish to rename the existing file before downloading this one, to make sure that no data is lost.

Or, in Windows, the client can the open the revised file by navigating to it using Windows My Computer, in Documents / Family Law Software, and double-clicking the file icon. The icon will be the one with the file name (typically the client's name).

In Mac (and Windows also), the client may start Family Law Software and click Ctrl+O (for "Open"), then navigate to the file as follows.
... My Computer

...... /Users/[Your name] (Y:)


..............Family Law Software

4. Client Sending the File Back

In the Client Software, the client can click Files & Settings tab > Send File to Pro.

He or she can then follow the instructions on that screen.

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