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Question: In estimating the benefit, what if "percent of compensation" has two levels?

Answer: One case where this could happen is where the benefit is based on 5% of compensation up to $75,000, say, and then 10% of compensation for income above that.

What you can do is to figure out the actual benefit amount by multiplying 5% times the first $75,000 and adding 10% times the rest. Take the result and divide by the salary. That's the percent that is actually applying. Enter that percent as the percentage and enter the actual salary as the salary number.

For example, if the salary is $100,000, the benefit would be 5% * $75,000 plus 10% * 25,000, which equals $3750 + $2500, which equals $6250. Now, $6250 / $100,000 is 6.25%. You would enter 6.25% as the percent and $100,000 as the salary.

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