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Question: How can I print and e-mail a PDF in Windows?

Answer: You can create PDF files of any Family Law Software report.

You should see a PDF button at the top of the screen, like this:

If You Do See the PDF Button

If you click it, it will create a PDF of whatever report is on the screen.

You will see a dialog box like that shown below:

If you would like to e-mail that PDF, just enter the e-mail address in the box circled above. You will be able to send the document right from within the software.

Or, go to your own e-mail program and attache the PDF as an attachment to an e-mail. The PDF will be in the same folder as the client file. To see where that is, click the Files tab > Open/Save file. You will see the folder shown at the top of the "Create, Open, and Save Files" screen, next to the text, "The Current Folder is."

On certain other screens, such as the Financial tab > Reports screen and the state financial affidavit screens, you will see a PDF button embedded in the screen itself.

This may look something like this:

This will enable you to print multiple reports in a single PDF document.

Just select the check boxes for the reports that you see on the screen.

If You Do Not See the PDF Button

If you are not seeing those PDF buttons in your software, it may be that the PDF printer we use (Nova PDF) has been displaced from your system by other Windows operations.

To restore it, you may download Nova PDF again by clicking the link below. Please read the on-screen instructions carefully. In particular, please be aware that there is a long delay during the installation when it seems to be locked up. Please be patient, it will eventually finish installing:

If that does not restore the PDF button, do the following:

1. Click Windows Start > Control Panel.

2. Under Programs, click "Uninstall a Program." If you can not find this, then in the search box, type "Uninstall."

3. Select Nova PDF, and uninstall Nova PDF.

4. Click Windows Start > All Programs> Family Law Software > Uninstall Family Law Software.

5. Download and install Family Law Software again. This will also reinstall the Nova PDF printer.

Click here to go to the download page.

If that does not help, please ask your IT person for assistance. If it helps, but only temporarily, you have a conflict that is persistently interfering with Nova PDF. Again, please ask your IT person for assistance

I Tried But Could Not Install Nova PDF

There are a number of free PDF printers available on the web.

Download and install one of those (there is a link to one below).

This will NOT put a "PDF" button on your screen. To print to PDF using one of these printers, click the regular Print button, and select the installed PDF printer as your printer.

Then you will be able to create PDF documents.

This will give you the capability of creating PDF documents not only for Family Law Software but from any program.

You may then open the file in the Adobe Acrobat reader and print it at your leisure, or e-mail it to your clients.

Here is a link to one. We have no connection to this company. Please let us know if this link does not work or the printer does not work, and we will remove this link from this FAQ.

Click here to go to Acro PDF

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