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Question: How can I show that one spouse will keep real estate (for example) in exchange for $100,000 in cash and securities (for example)?

Answer: Suppose the real estate has an equity value of $100,000 and is being kept by the wife. Also suppose that, aside from this piece, all assets will be divided 50/50.

Here's how to represent this situation in the software.

1. You would enter the real estate and show it as being kept 100% by the wife. (You could enter it either as an investment with an asset type of real estate, or as a residence.)

2. Then, in the securities list, pick $100,000 of securities, and indicate that they will be kept all by the husband. Note that if the wife is the party whose name appears on the column heading, you may enter "0% kept by wife" to get this result. Indicate that the remaining securities will be kept 50% by each party.

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