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Family Law Software can calculate child support guideline amounts in 21 states.

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Question: I can not find the software

Answer: 1. Look for the Family Law Software icon on your desktop. If you find it, double-click it.

2. If it starts, but it seems to need a keycode, then do the following:

a. Click the "Home" tab.

b. Click the link at the left labeled "Enter Keycode." Enter your name and KeyCode.

3. If you can not find the Family Law Software icon, or the program does not start, then you should download the software again. (Actually, it would not hurt to download the software again, anyway, as we may have have made improvements since you last downloaded the software.)

To download the software, do the following:

a. If the software is open (running), click the "Home" tab, then click the link labeled "Software Updates," then click the button labeled "Download."

b. If the software is not running, do the following:

1. Paste the link below into your browser:


2. At the dialog box, select "Run" or "Open."

3. If you get a message that the publisher could not be verified, do not worry about it, and click "Run"

4. After the software is installed, follow the instructions in point "2." above to enter your keycode.

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