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Family Law Software can calculate child support guideline amounts in 21 states.

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Question: How can I get reports and graphs into PowerPoint?

Answer: One way to paste the report from the software into PowerPoint is to go through Excel, as follows:

1. Export to Excel.

2. In Excel, use your mouse to highlight the region you want to copy.

3. Press Ctrl-C, to copy the region.

4. Go to PowerPoint, open a new document page, and select Edit/Paste to paste the region into the new page in PowerPoint.

5. In PowerPoint, you may click on the region, and you will see little squares at the corners and along the edges. With your mouse, you may drag the little squares to resize and reshape the region.

You may want to stack two halves of the report on top of each other.

To copy a graph into PowerPoint, go through Windows Paint, as follows:

1. With the report visible on screen in Family Law Software, press Alt-PrintScreen. (The "Alt" button is along the bottom of the keyboard. The Print Screen button is usually at the top of the keyboard. This combination involves holding down the Alt key and pressing the PrintScreen button.)

2. Open the Windows Paint program that comes with Windows. To do this, click the Windows Start button, click All Programs, click Accessories, then click Paint.

3. Press Ctrl-V. (In versions before Windows 7, you may also select Edit/Paste.)

4. The image of the screen will appear in the Paint program.

5. Click on the icon near the top left that is shaped like a rectangle. (In Windows 7, it has a floating label of "Select.")

6. Use the mouse to draw a rectangle around at the region you wish to include in your PowerPoint presentation.

7. Press Ctrl-C to copy the region.

8. Go to PowerPoint and open a document page and press Ctrl-V (or select Edit/Paste) to a place that region into PowerPoint.

9. You may resize or reshape the region in PowerPoint.

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