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Question: Storing Files and Local Area Networks

Answer: You can choose where to store your Family Law Software client files.

When you first install the software, if you do not change the folder, they will be stored locally on the computer you are using, in the following folder:

Documents > Family Law Software

If the software will only be used on one computer in the office, you should not change this setting.

If the software will be used on multiple computers, you should designate a folder on your office network for Family Law Software.

To do that:

1. On your network, create a folder everyone can access for Family Law Software files. You can call it "Family Law Software." If you are not comfortable doing this, this would be something to refer to your IT person.

2. In Family Law Software, click Files & Settings > Settings > Change Default Folder.

3. Navigate to the folder you created.

4. Select that folder and click "OK."

5. Repeat on each computer in the office.

6. Move any client files that have already been created to this folder. You want files that have the extension ".fls".

On the Files tab of the software, you will see a list of recent files. Those links will not work for a while after you move the files, because the links will point to files that are no longer located where the software thinks they are.

There are also ways to store your documents on a computer connected to the Internet (popularly known as storing them "in the cloud").

One of these products, known as Dropbox, is available for free (at this writing) at www.dropbox.com.

Another, Google Drive for PC, is available by typing "Google Drive for PC" (or for Mac) as your browser search.

You can set up your computers so that any computer you use can access these files.

Then, you would follow the steps above to designate a folder, but it would be a folder in your DropBox, Google Drive, etc.

Again, you may want an IT person to help.

Then anyone with access to this folder of your DropBox or Google Drive would have access to any files as long as the person could connect to the Internet.

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