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Question: How Does the Client Edition work?

Answer: If you are a professional using the software, you may request that your clients get the Client Edition for free.

The Client Edition allows clients to enter their data on their own computers (not on the web).

The Client Edition also allows you and your clients to send your data file back and forth, whereas the Web Data Entry allows only a one-way one-time transmission of data.

Here's how it works:

1. You click Files tab > Get Client Started > Send E-mail.

2. The client choose the client edition. Or, ask the client to go to our web site, and click Clients > Send Data to Professionals, and choose the Client Software.

The client edition looks different from the Professional Edition, in that it has only the basic data entry.

3. The client installs the client edition on his or her computer, and he or she is set to go.

4. The client enters his or her information.

5. On the "Files" tab of the Client Edition, one of the options is "Send to Professional." The client may send by e-mail or through our server.

6. If the client sends by e-mail, you will receive the file as an e-mail attachment. Download it into your Family Law Software folder.

7. If the client sends through our server, the professional clicks Files tab > Get Client Files, to download the client file into the Professional Edition software.

8. If the professional wants to send the data file back to the client, he or she sends it as an e-mail attachment. You will see the folder where the file is stored by looking at the Files tab at the top.

9. When the client receives the e-mailed file from you, the client needs to right-click the file in the e-mail message, and "Save As" into the following folder: My Documents / Family Law Software.

10. You may send the files back and forth as many times as you wish.

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