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Question: How Does the Client Edition work?

Answer: If you are a professional using the software, you may request that your clients get the Client Edition for free.

There are two versions of the Client Edition available:

1. PC software.

2. Web Data Entry.

Both editions have the same data entry fields.

Once the PC software is downloaded, no Internet connection is necessary. The file may be sent to the professional, and the professional may send the file back to the client.

The Web Data Entry may be complete on any device, including an iPad or a phone. Once the file was transmitted to the professional, however, the professional may not send the file back to the client.

To get the client started, click Files & Settings >Open/Save/send > New Client.

This will generate an email to the client. The client will register online (even if the client is using the PC software). This online registration will facilitate the transmission of the file back to the professional.

The client will then be able to choose which method the client wishes to use.

When the client is finished, the client will transmit the file to the professional.

The professional will then start his software, and click Files & Settings >Open/Save/Send >Download.

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