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Question: I can't get data files that were sent to me

Answer: In January, 2009, we improved our interaction with the Internet, but there may be some short term adjustment.

This will be a one-time setup:

Click Home tab > System Info > Click here to set E-mail options.

You have three options:

1. Send E-mail directly / Use Family Law Software E-Mail Services.

2. Send E-mail directly / Use Your Local E-Mail Services.

3. Do not send E-Mail Directly

Option #1 is the default, and we think it is the most reliable method, but not everyone will be able to use it (it depends on your internet provider's settings).

For option #2, check "Use Your Local E-Mail Services," and fill in the information requested.

- Click the button "Click here for help with the entries below" in the dialog box.

- If that does not help, you can google "[your ISP company] smtp setting" e.g., "comcast smtp setting"

- For your password, your ISP should have an abililty to e-mail you your password if you forget it. You can find that on their web site (e.g., www.comcast.net) or by calling their customer service line.

- For the port, the entry should be either blank or "587". Try both and see what works.

You should be able to get option #2 to work, but if you can not, then clear the top check box, to not send e-mail directly.

This is option #3.

Option #3 was the method that we used before January, 2009, and we found it to be not entirely reliable with all our subscribers.

But if it worked for you, and the other methods don't, then it should be fine.

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