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Question: My Client Can Not Find Her or Her KeyCode


In the Client Edition, if the client is using a Macintosh computer, a KeyCode is required. That KeyCode is, in all capital letters,"CLIENT".

If the client is using Windows, no KeyCode is required for the Client Edition. Perhaps downloaded the professional edition by mistake.

Here is how you can tell: when the client clicks the Home tab in the Client Edition, it should look like this:

If the client has the Professional Edition, the client should uninstall it and then download the Client Edition.

On a Windows computer, to uninstall the Professional Edition, the client should click the Windows Start button > All Programs > Family Law Software, > Uninstall Family Law Software.

The client edition may be downloaded here:

Click here to download the Client Edition

If this does not work, go to www.FamilyLawSoftware.com, and click Clients > Enter Data for Your Professional > Click here to download the Client Software.

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