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I sent instructions to the client on data entry, but he did not get them.


You used the Files tab > Client Data Entry, and the e-mail appears to have been successfully generated, but the client does not report receiving it.

1. Try again. Try sending it again, to make sure that you entered the client e-mail correctly.

2. Send e-mail manually:

If the client still does not receive it, it is entirely possible that that e-mail did not get through.

Because of the fact that the e-mail is automatically generated from within our software, it is sometimes treated as spam.

What you can do is just create your own e-mail, based on the one that we generate.

You can click Files & Settings tab > Client electronic data entry, as shown below.

Then click the link labeled "Click here to print an instruction sheet to hand your client."

When that page is displayed, click the "Export" button at the very top of the screen, and export to a text document or a Word file..

You can then save the document.

Then print and hand it to clients, or e-mail it to them.