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Question: Why did you remove the Financial tab?

Answer: We are aware that many of our subscribers have been using the Financial tab of the software for a long time and are quite used to it.

We are also aware that many people find its topic-by-topic presentation to be a very quick way to enter the information.

So why did we remove it? There are a number of reasons, including the following:

1. Reduce confusion. Many people, as they are first learning the software, wonder about the apparent overlap between the Financial and Lawyer tab. They are not sure where to go to enter a particular item. By having only one tab for data entry, we reduce this confusion.

2. Eliminate Redundancy. Whenever the developers would add something in the software, they often would have to add it twice, once on the Lawyer tab and once on the Financial tab. This entailed extra effort, and could introduce bugs. Having a single data entry point will enable us to introduce improvements more quickly and with greater stability.

3. Improve cooperation. Many of our financial planners are working with attorneys who are also using Family Law Software. If both groups of professionals are referring to the same location in the software, it will help them communicate more effectively.

4. Interface advantages. While the Financial tab lets you get to a particular topic with a single click, the current interface allows you to see all of your assets on a single screen. So although you are giving something up, you are gaining something, as well.

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