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Family Law Software can calculate child support guideline amounts in 21 states.

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Question: I am used to Family Law Software as it was in June, 2016. Where do I find things in the July, 2016 release?

Answer: The goal of this release was to make the software easier to navigate.

You can think of the tabs as being organized, now, in the order in which you handle a case. First, you open the case. Then you enter the client's information. Then you discuss and negotiate. Finally, you print the documents.

To this end, the tabs are, from left to right, as shown below:

The main changes are the following:

1. Guidelines and Financial Forms. To view and print child support guidelines and financial forms, go to the Forms & Reports tab (why).

2. Negotiation tools. all of the negotiation tools (property division, alimony after-tax, etc.) are on the Analysis & Negotiation tab.

3. Financial tab. The Financial tab is gone (why). The client data entry screens are now at Client Info, and the report screens are now at Forms & Reports > More Reports > For Planners.

For further details, please see the chart below:

Feature Location in July, 2016 Release
Home tab  
Getting Started Files & Settings > Help
Sample File Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send
Tech Support Files & Settings > Help
KeyCodes Files & Settings > KeyCode / Account
Order / Renew Files & Settings > KeyCode / Account
Software Updates Files & Settings > KeyCode / Account
Prof'l Info Files & Settings > Settings
System Info Files & Settings > Settings
Change default folder Files & Settings > Settings
Print and report options Files & Settings > Settings
Files tab  
Electronic Client Data Entry Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send, next to the "New" button.
Get Client Data (Download) Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send > Download
Paper Data Sheets Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send, next to the "New" button.
Send File to Anyone Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send > Send File
Send File to Self Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send > Yourself
Send File to Us Files & Settings > Help > Send Your File
Get Files Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send > Download
Set Up Services Files & Settings > Settings > Link Computer to Online Account
Back Up Files Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send > Save As
Lawyer tab  
Child support data entry Client Info
Support to Use Client Info
Affidavit data entry Client Info
View/Print Guideline Forms & Reports
View/Print Maintenance Forms & Reports
Spousal Support Forms & Reports
View/Print Affidavit Forms & Reports
View/Print Disclosure Forms & Reports
View/Print CIS Forms & Reports
View/Print Net Worh Stmt Forms & Reports
Change to a different state Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send
"Change Client" button Client Info > Key Support Data > QuickStart button
Income Summary Analysis & Negotiation
Guideline What If Analysis & Negotiation
What If Analysis Analysis & Negotiation
Maintenance Needed Analysis & Negotiation
Meetings After tax Analysis & Negotiation
Maintenance PV (Buyout) Analysis & Negotiation
Maintenance Trade-Off Analysis & Negotiation
Best Filing Status Analysis & Negotiation
Best Exemptions Analysis & Negotiation
Divide Property Analysis & Negotiation
Property After tax Analysis & Negotiation
Property Division Scenarios Analysis & Negotiation
He Said / She Said Analysis & Negotiation > Property Valuations
Budget Report Forms & Reports
View/Edit Taxes Forms & Reports
Marital Property Division Forms & Reports
Marital & separate Forms & Reports
More Reports Forms & Reports
Financial tab  
Data entry screens Client Info
Generic Affidavit Forms & Reports
Graphs Forms & Reports > More Reports > For Planners
Reports Forms & Reports > More Reports > For Planners
Guidelines tab  
Data entry screens Client Info
View/Print Guideline Forms & Reports
Calculators tab  
Pension calculator Client Info > Pension Plans
Arrears calculator Analysis & Negotiation > Ch Support Arrears

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