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Question: Where do expenses from the old Net Worth Statement carry on the 2016 Net Worth Statement?

Answer: The table below shows the correspondence.

New Net Worth Statement line Old Net Worth Statement Line
(a) Housing  
1. Mortgage Calculated on new Net Worth Statement
2. Home equity line of credit Calculated on new Net Worth Statement
3. Real Estate Taxes (a)(3) Real Estate Taxes
4. Homeowners/Renters Insurance (f)(2) and (f)(3)
5. Homeowners' Association / Maintenance / Condo charges (a)(4) and (a)(5)
6. Rent (a)(1)
(b) Utilities  
1. Fuel Oil / Gas (b)(1) and (b)(2)
2. Electric (b)(3)
3. Telephone (land line) (b)(4)
4. Mobile phone [new]
5. Cable / Satellite TV (l)(7)
6. Internet [new]
7. Alarm [new]
8. Water (b)(5)
9. Other (b)(6) and higher
(c) Food  
1. Groceries (c)(1) and (c)(7) and higher
2. Dining Out / Take Out (c)(3), (c)(4), and (c)(6)
3. Other (c)(5)
(d) Clothing  
1. Yourself (d)(1), (d)(2)
2. Children (d)(3)
3. Dry Cleaning (e)(1), (e)(2),(e)(3) and higher
4. Other (d)(4), (d)(5) and higher
(e) Insurance  
1. Life [calculated based on entries on Life Insurance asset.]
2. Fire, theft and liability and personal items (f)(11) and higher
3. Automotive (f)(4)
4. Umbrella Policy (f)(5)
5. Medical plan (f)(6)
6. Dental plan (f)(7)
7. Optical plan (f)(8)
8. Disability (f)(9)
9. Workers' Compensation (f)(10

10. Long term care

11. Other [new]
(f) Unreimbursed Medical  
1. Medical (g)(1), (g)(6)
2. Dental (g)(2), (g)(7)
3. Optical (g)(3), (g)(8)
4. Pharmaceutical (g)(4), (g)(9)
5. Hospital (g)(5)
6. Psychotherapy [new]
7. Other Medical (g)(10) and higher
(g) Household Maintenance  
1. Repairs / Maintenance (h)(1),(h)(2),(h)(3),(h)(4),(h)(5),(h)(10) and higher
2. Gardening / Landscaping (h)(7)
3. Sanitation / Carting (h)(6)
4. Snow Removal (h)(8)
5. Extermination (h)(9)
6. Other Maintenance [new]
(h) Household Help  
1. Domestic (housekeeper, etc.) (i)(2)
2. Nanny / Au Pair / Child Care [new]
3. Babysitter (i)(1)
4. Other (i)(3) and higher
(i) Automobile  
1. Lease or loan payments [calculated based on vehicle entries]
2. Gas and Oil (j)(2)
3. Repairs (j)(3)
4. Car Wash (j)(4)
5. Parking and tolls (j)(6), (j)(7)
6. Other "Other" lines below (j)(7)
(j) Education Costs  
1. Nursery and Pre-school (k)(1)
2. Primary and Secondary (k)(2)
3. College [calculated based on major expense entries]
4. Post-Graduate [not carried]
5. Religious Instruction (k)(5)
6. School Transportation (k)(6)
7. School Supplies / Books (k)(7)
8. School lunches (c)(2)
9. Tutoring (k)(8)
10. School Events (k)(9)
11. Children's extra-curricular and educational enrichment activities (l)(13),(l)(14),(n)(5)
12. Other (k)(4),(k)(10) and higher
(k) Recreational  
1. Vacations (l)(2)
2. Movies, Theatre, Ballet, Etc.

3. Music (Digital or Physical Media) (l)(5)
4. Recreation Clubs and Memberships (l)(9)
5. Activities for Yourself (l)(11),(l)(12),(l)(16) and higher
6. Health Club (l)(10)
7. Summer Camp (l)(1)
8. Birthday, Party Costs for Children (k)(8)
9. Other (n)(16) and higher, (o)(2) and higher
(l) Income Taxes  
1. Federal (m)(1)
2. State (m)(2)
3. City (m)(3)
4. Social Security and Medicare (m)(4)
(m) Miscellaneous  
1. Beauty Parlor / Barbar / Spa (n)(1)
2. Toiletries / Non-prescription drugs (n)(2)
3. Books, Magazines, Newspapers (n)(4)
4. Gifts to Others (n)(6)
5. Charitable Contributions (n)(7)
6. Religious Organization Dues (n)(8)
7. Union and Organization Dues (n)(9)
8. Commutation Expenses (n)(10)
9. Veterinarian Expenses / Pet Expenses (n)(11)
10. Child Support Payments for Children of a prior marriage. (n)(12)
11. Alimony and Maintenance payments (prior marriage pursuant to court order or agreement). (n)(13)
12. Loan Payments (n)(14)
13. Unreimbursed Business Expenses (n)(15)
14. Safe Deposit Box Rental Fee [new]
(n) Other  
1. Other major expense (o)(1)

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