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Question: How can two parties both get their data to me electronically (typically in a collaborative or mediation context)?

Answer: There are two ways that clients can coordinate to enter their data and get it to you.

The first possibility is that both spouses work in the client edition software.

Click here to see how both clients can work in the client software.

The second approach, which is probably easier for the client, is for both of them to use the Web Data Entry.

They just need to agree to use the same name and password.

Also, they should not both be on the system at the same time, because they might overwrite each other's entries. The system will not automatically prevent them from doing that.

It also will not prevent the second party from logging in and changing the numbers that were entered by the first party.

So they need to agree about who will be entering what.

For example, one party could enter her expenses and the asset and liability information.

And the other party could enter his expenses.


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