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Question: I am trying to retrieve a file, and I am getting a message to check my Firewall.


What you want to do is to tell your firewall product that it is okay to allow files from the Family Law Software website.

Each firewall product will do that slightly differently. If your computer is running WindowsFirewall, you can search for “firewall,” as follows:

1. Click the Windows Start button

2. Enter Firewall in the search box

3. Click the search (magnifying glass) icon

Click here to go to Microsoft's help page on Windows Firewall

These instructions here are for Windows 7.

If you have another version of Windows, you must search “Allow a program to communicate through Windows Firewall” for your version of Windows.

If you have another firewall or security software product, use Google, Bing, etc., to search for instructions for that product, or contact the manufacturer.

If the file was not sent by a client using Web Data Entry, you may find that it is easier to simply have the client or professional send the file to you again, as an e-mail attachment. This will not trigger firewall issues.

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