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Question: How secure is the electronic client data entry?

Answer: There are two ways for the client to enter his or her data, on the Web and using Client Software.

Both have been entirely safe, in that we are not aware of any data compromise occurring during all the years we have been offering these methods.

For the client who is concerned, however, the Client Software is the most secure method.

The following discussion will discuss the security of each method.

1. Web Data Entry.

The Web Data Entry uses regular HTTP web protocol, but not not the more secure HTTPs protocol.

That means that the data transfer is theoretically subject to eavesdropping.

However, we have been protected by the facts that:

a. The data typically resides on our server only briefly. We back it up and remove it from the server after it is downloaded by the attorney.

b. The data does not have credit card, SSN, bank or other info that would be useful to hackers. So hackers really do not have a motive to break in.

c. We are an extremely small site. Hackers are typically motivated to break into sites where there are lots of people whose data would be useful to them.

2. Client Software.

The Client Software is downloaded to the client's computer and may be used while the client is offline.

It is thus not subject to Internet eavesdropping.

One could imagine a virus that sends the contents of a computer to hackers, but the viruses that are active are not looking for Family Law Software data -- again, because there is nothing of value to the hackers in it.

Once the client data file is prepared offline, it is always automatically encrypted before being transmitted.

Thus, from the perspective of the client who is concerned about security, the Client Software offers a safe way of entering and transmitting the data.

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