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Question: How Can Both Spouses Work in the Client Edition Software?

Answer: There is a way for two clients who do not live together to work on the same client data file. The first client enters her data first, then sends the file to the second client, who enters his data and sends it on to the professional.

Here are the details:

First Client

What happens is that the first client will send the Family Law Software data file to the second client by e-mail, instead of sending it to the professional. So the first client clicks the Files & Settings > Send File to Pro, sends the file by e-mail. But instead of entering the professional's name, the first client enters the name and e-mail address of the second client.

If that does not work, the first client can simply send an e-mail to the second client, attaching the Family Law Software file. The Family Law Software file will be located in the My Documents > Family Law Software folder (in Windows).

If sending the file does not work on the Macintosh, and the first client can not find the file to attach, the first client can go back to the Client Edition and click Ctrl+A. This will bring up the "Save As..." dialog. Navigate to a folder that Finder can see, and save the file there.

Click here to see how to save to a folder Finder can see.

Second Client

The second client would also download the Family Law Software client edition.

The second client would download the file into his Family Law Software folder. (In Windows this is My Documents > Family Law Software.) The second client can then open the file either by double-clicking it in the "My Compter" window, or by starting Family Law Software and typing Ctrl+O and then selecting the file.

After the second client Is finished, the second client can e-mail the file to the professional from the Client Edition in the normal way.

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