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Question: My computer crashes when I try to do "Set Up Services."

Answer: This most likely indicates a problem with the interaction between Family Law Software and your Firewall or Anti-virus software.

When Family Law Software tries to reach out to our server, to update your information there, your security measures are terminating the program as is it were malware, and so it appears to “crash.”

Here are some things to try:

1. Test the connection. Click Home tab > System Info > Click here to set FTP File Transfer Options.

Then click the "Test FTP" button, as shown below. Be patient, this could take a couple of minutes.

You will then see this message. (The FTP version is not important.)

Click "OK."

You should see a message, "Connecting...please wait."

Then, you might see this:

If you don't see that, then you can confirm that the issue is a problem with the FTP connection.

Please speak with your network administrator, to "whitelist" Family Law Software or take whatever measures are necessary to allow the software to connect through your Internet firewall.

The program's "executable" is: FLSPlan.exe.

2. Try turning off virus protection an firewall. If you can set up services after doing that, this tells you that the issue lies there. You can turn off your protection when you want to get or send client files. Again, see if you can "whitelist" Family Law Software.

3. If you are in a Windows environment, you can reboot into “safe mode with networking” without making any security changes. Does that help? If so, do that when you need to connect.

4. If nothing else works, you can have clients use the downloaded Client Software, not Web Data Entry, and have them send the file to you by e-mail (not "through the server.")

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