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Question: Why do the IRA distributions seem too low for awhile, then suddenly jump up?

Answer: This can happen if you specify that the software should use required minimum distributions (which is the defalt mode of calculating distributions), but you start distributions before age 70.

The IRS requires that distributions start at age 70 1/2, but it does not provide any method for calculating "required minimum" distributions before that age.

The software calculates lower RMDs for distributions before age 70 1/2, to attempt to ensure that capital in the IRA is preserved through the retirement years.

If you want to show higher distributions, you may override the software's calculation of the lower distributions.

To do that, click "more info" on the IRA asset and scroll to the line labeled "Click here to View/Edit Annual Distributions for [Party Name]."

Then enter the annual (not monthly) amount for each distribution.

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