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Question: For New Jersey child support, why are the number of tax allowances on Appendix IX-H or Circular E higher than I expect?

Answer: You get allowances for the party and for each child. But New Jersey rules add other reasons for allowances as well.

These include, for Appendix IX-H:

  • An additional allowance if the party is filing as head of household.
  • An additional allowance if the party has a for new spouse (if any).
  • An additional allowance for additional dependents.
  • And additional allowance for low income.

You can see the calculation of number of allowances in detail if you click the link for the table you are using, as shown below.

For additonal details, see Rule 5:6A Appendix. IX-B, Sole and Shared Worksheet Instructions for Line 2A- Withholding Taxes.

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