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Question: How do I include (or exclude) temporary maintenance in the child support calculation?


In New York, temporary maintenance is sometimes included in the child support calculation, and sometimes not.

This depends on the jurisdiction, and also sometimes on the specific situation.

Also, sometimes parties wish to have maintenance subtracted from the income of the payer but not included in the income of the recipient.

All of these variations are possible.

Just go to the Lawyer tab > Key Support Data screen, or Guidelines tab > Temp Maintenance screen, and look for the section shown below.

To have temporary maintenance included in child support both as a reduction to the payer and income to the recipient, check all three boxes (as shown above).

To have temporary maintenance not counted for child support purposes, clear all three boxes. (If you check or clear the first box, that will check or clear the others.)

To have temporary maintenance count for one party but not the other, check the first box, then clear the second or third box, depending on which you want.

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