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Question: How can I enter New York City taxes?

Answer: New York City uniquely levies an income tax. This is a tax on all income, not just on wages earned in the city.

Because this is an income tax, there is a different mechanism for entering it than the standard local tax.

You do NOT enter a local tax rate on the Wages > "more info" screen.

Instead, you check a box to specify that the New York City tax applies. This checkbox appears several places in the software:

  • On the State Taxes report. This report is found on the Financial tab > Reports screen, or Lawyer Tab > More Reports screen.

  • On the Expenses page of the Lawyer tab > Net Worth Statement section.

  • On the "more info" page for the Lawyer tab > Background & Child screen or Financial tab > Background Info screen.

Once you check this box, the software will automatically calculate the New York City income tax.


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