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Question: How Can I Send a File to my Client?

Answer: Although the software is currently not designed to accommodate file transfers from professional to client, it can be accomplished. The client needs to be comfortable with moving and renaming files and folders on his or her computer.

This will process work even if the client and professional have different computers (Windows versus Mac).

Here are the steps:

1. Client Software.

First, the client needs to have the Client Edition of Family Law Software.

If the client does not have the Client Software, he or she can download it here:

Click here for the Client Software

2. Sending the File.

The professional can click "Files & Settings > Save As..." to rename the file before sending it to the client.

The professional should then note the location of his Family Law Software folder.

Your Family Law Software folder is shown at the top of the Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send screen, as shown below.

The professional then can start an e-mail normally, then click the button for an attachment.

Navigate to your Family Law Software folder, and select the client's file.

Send the e-mail to the client.

The client will receive the file as an attachment to the e-mail from the professional.

3. Client Opening the File

The client should open the e-mail and download the attached file to his or her Documents / Family Law Software folder.

The client software is designed only to work with a single file.

If the client has not already done so, the client should start the client software and enter his or her name, to cause that file to be created.

The client should then exit the software.

Using Windows Explorer, or Macintosh Finder, the client should go to the Documents > Family Law Software folder.

In that folder, the client will see both the file from the professional and the file with the client's name that was just created.

The client should copy down on a piece of paper or document on the computer the name of the file that was just created.

The client should then rename the file that was just created to a different name.

The client should then rename the file sent by the professional to the original name of the file that was just created (and saved on paper or in a document).

The client can then start the Client Edition.

The file sent by the professional should open.

When the client is finished working, the client can transmit the file to the professional using the yellow Transmit tab at the top.

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