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Family Law Software can calculate child support guideline amounts in 21 states.

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Question: How can I e-mail a PDF to a client?

Answer: In the software, click the PDF button.

When the PDF dialog comes up, simply enter an e-mail address at the bottom, as shown below.

For multiple e-mail addresses, separate each address by a comma.

When the PDF is created, it will be saved on your system, but also e-mailed to the e-mail address(es) you specify.

If for some reason that does not work, do the following:

1. Locate your Family Law Software folder. This is shown when you click the Files tab, as shown below:

2. Using your e-mail program, start a regular e-mail to your client.

3. Attach the PDF to the e-mail. The PDF will be located in your Family Law Software folder.

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