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Question: How can I specify that all available income will be spent?

Answer: Sometimes you know that your client will spend all available cash.

You want the software to reflect that, and leave a zero balance at the end of each year.

Here is a way to do that:

1. Go to the Living Expenses screen.

2. Enter the net positive amount from the Budget Report as a write-in living expense. This will zero out income for the current year.

3. Look at the next year's Budget Report.

4. On the "more info" screen for that write-in living expense, override the next year's amount with the positive amount from the next year's Budget Report. That will zero out the second year's positive net income.

5. Repeat for the remaining years.

You will see that the living expenses now exactly match after-tax cash.

Note that this is not self-adjusting. If incomes or other expenses change, you have to repeat this process.

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