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Family Law Software can calculate child support guideline amounts in 21 states.

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Question: Why does the Web Data Entry not ask all the information?

Answer: There are three reasons for this:

1. The online data entry is not state specific. So it has only those fields that tend to be in every state's financial statement.

2. It is also deliberately designed to be a smaller data set, in order to be easier for people to manage.

3. Some information, such as the separate property component of an asset, or the coverture fraction of a pension, are things that the typical client will not know. We do not ask these questions, in order to keep the data entry as comfortable as we can for the client.

We are thinking about whether and how to improve the online data entry, but that is the current status.

You may be interested to know, however, that entries in the Client Software, which is downloaded to the client's computer,is complete. so if you would like the client to be able to enter all the information, suggest that the client download the Client Software, rather than using the online Web Data Entry.

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