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Question: How Can I Tell Which Party Should Claim the Exemptions for Children?


There are at least two approaches you can take.

1. What If Analysis.

This is one of the things for which What If Analysis was designed. Here are the steps to take:

a. Click Negotiate tab > What If Analysis, or Lawyer tab > What If Analysis.

b. If there is alimony, click the box at the top to "Start alimony at the beginning of [the year]." This will give you a pro-forma analysis that will be useful for future years.

c. Set up two identical columns, by clicking the "Show another column" button.

d. Change who claims the exemption in one column.

e. Compare the combined net after taxes and expenses.

The image below shows the completed analysis.

2. Exemptions screen.

As an alternative, you can click Negotiate tab > Exemptions.

This will open a screen, which will compare the current actual specification with an alternative of giving all the exemptions to the other spouse.

This screen will look at future years as well as the current year.

Below is an example of how the Exemptions screen would look, if an alternative would be better:

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