We would really prefer not to charge one penny when you update your credit card information.

Here is why we do (it is related to requirements for security):

To maximize your credit card security, we do not store any credit card information.

It is all held with our credit card processor.

In order to update credit card information, you need to do that directly with our credit card processor.

But our credit card processor does not have any way to allow people to update their credit card information.

In order to get them to update credit card information, they require a transaction to occur.

In order to trigger a transaction, we submit the smallest possible charge, one penny.

Other small companies typically do not have monthly charges, so they can just charge you the one time and that's it.

Other companies that do monthly billing tend to be large companies, which have their own secure servers. We are not able to manage that.

That is why you do not see this oddity with other companies.

We appreciate your understanding.