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"I love Family Law Software. I tell every one to use this over FinPlan. It is much better software."

Marc Beermann, Beermann & Ori Ltd., Libertyville IL

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This page addresses the following questions about downloading.

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How do I download a product?

If you have already purchased the software, you can download the latest version here. If you have not yet purchased the software, you may purchase and download it here.

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My download did not complete. What can I do?

Call 1-877-477-5488 , and we will assist you with your download.

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Why am I unable to download your software from the Internet site?

It is possible that our server is experiencing a heavy load. Retry downloading the software in 15 minutes.

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I was unsuccessful at downloading after my first attempt.  I tried again and entered in my credit card information a second time.  Will I be billed twice?

Our order entry process does try to detect such duplications.  However, it is possible that you will be billed twice. If your credit card billing shows that you have been billed twice, call our sales line at 1-877-477-5488 , and someone will help you.

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I attempted to download a product from your website and I was unsuccessful. Will I still be billed for the software?

Yes, once you submit the credit card information, we can not tell whether the download was successful.  If this happens, try to download again,  If it is still not successful, call our order line, 1-877-477-5488 , with your name and address and the download code you received via e-mail. 

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How can I find out if my credit card has been charged for a product that I have downloaded from the web site?

If you think you might have been billed, call our order line 1-877-477-5488 with your name and address, and we will tell you whether your charge has been processed.

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I have downloaded a product and have decided that I do not want the software. How can I get a refund?

See this discussion of returning software on the Customer Service / Ordering Products page.

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