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"I love Family Law Software. I tell every one to use this over FinPlan. It is much better software."

Marc Beermann, Beermann & Ori Ltd., Libertyville IL

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Technical Support Services.

This page addresses the following questions about our technical support services.

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What kinds of questions will the Technical Support person be able to answer?

We will be able to give support on things like installing the software, figuring out how to find something in the program, or getting the software to work with your printer.   For reasons of legal liability (not to mention manpower constraints), we can not give legal, financial, or other specific advice over the phone.

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Is there a charge for Technical Support?

No.  Our technical support is a free service to our registered customers.

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Can I get Technical Support via e-mail? 

Yes.  Please click here to send us an e-mail message.

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What is the Technical Support phone number?

The technical support phone number is: 1-617-332-5340 .

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Why is the Technical Support phone number not an "800" number?

We do that to save money, and to encourage people to consider totally-free resources, such as our technical support web site, first.  Industry experience with "800" technical support is that it is so expensive, we would without question have to raise our prices significantly if we provided it.  And only a small fraction of our customers would benefit.

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