Child and Spousal Support, Judicial Council forms, Pensions, and Analysis.

All this, for just ($49.95/month per attorney + $99 set-up fee). You can replace both the child support and forms programs you are using now, thus making it both better and cheaper than the alternatives.

Child and Spousal Support

Fully Updated for 2017 tax act
Family Law Software is fully updated for the 2017 tax act, with higher standard deductions, elimination of exemptions, new pass-through entity deduction, limitation on state and local taxes, mortgage interest limitations, and everything else. If your software is not updated, it will not calculate child support correctly. Family Law Software is and does.

Approved by the California Judicial Council
Family Law Software's child support calculation has been approved by the California Judicial Council and will be accepted by all courts in California. And the familiar format of our guideline report will be readily recognized.

Family Law Forms
Family Law Software includes the key Disclosure statements, as well as all of the Judicial Council family law forms. For your Family Law cases, you won't need a separate forms program.

Family Law Software also values defined benefit pension plans, as accurately as pension professionals. And it's easy! Just enter the information you would give to the valuation professional.

Easy to Learn
Straightforward data entry screens are easier to manage than other software. Your staff will thank you!

Integrated Disclosure Statements

Fully-Integrated California Disclosure Statements
Fully-integrated California Disclosure statements means that the information you entered for child support already populates the Disclosure. Add additional expense and asset information, and you're ready to file!

Footnotes, highlights, and "unknown" or "TBD"
Persuade powerfully, with footnotes -- as lengthy as you like -- right on the same page as the asset or expense, immediately beneath the entry; yellow and blue highlights; bold font on footnotes. Specify items as "estimated," and enter values such as "Unknown" or "To be Determined." For Spanish-speaking clients, view and print Spanish language versions as well.

Automatic Attachments on FL-142
Automatically creates attachments on Form 142.

Automatic Creation of Form 150 line 11
Automatically generates Form 150 line 11 (asset listing).

Easy and Integrated Property Division

Completely Integrated
Assets you enter for the Assets and Debts statement automatically populate the Property Division screen.

Enter allocations as dollars or percents
Enter allocation of each asset either in terms of dollars, or in terms of a percent. Everything automatically adjusts.

Show assets not yet allocated
Yellow bar on chart shows assets not yet allocated. Great for working live with the client when preparing for settlement discussions, at a settlement conference, or in a mediation or a collaborative context.

Equalization shows how far from 50/50
An Equalization line on the worksheet automatically updates with each entry, to show how far from 50/50 (or any other target) the allocation currently is.

Divide assets after-tax as well
A unique worksheet allows you to divide assets on an after-tax basis! Change the percent allocation of the asset, and instantly see the impact on the overall after-tax division.

Multiple Scenarios
Show multiple property division scenarios on a single screen.

Powerful Charts and Graphs

Spousal Support After-Tax
With a single click, show the true after-tax cost of spousal support, using current tax rates and brackets. A clear graph shows the pre-tax and afer-tax cost of spousal support for the payer, and the pre-tax and after-tax benefit of spousal support for the recipient.

Best Exemptions
With a single click, see which party is the best one to claim the exemptions, from a tax perspective.

Best Filing Status
With a single click, see whether the parties would minimize taxes by filing jointly or separately. Also see whether taxes would be lower if they finalize the divorce in the current year or not.

Spousal Support Buyout
With a single click, see the present value of the proposed stream of buyout payments (which is the lump-sum spousal support buyout amount).

Spousal Support Trade-Off
Like "Family Support," but better. Enter the combined child and spousal support amount and instantly see what mix minimizes taxes.

Detailed Cash-Flow Projections
Using the data entered for the Disclosure statements, the software automatically prepares detailed budgets in a simple two-column format, or a line-graph projection. This shows clients where they are headed, given current levels of income, expense, child support and spousal support.

Defined Benefit Pension Valuation

Value CalSTRS and Other Pensions
Easy and actuarially sound defined benefit pension valuation. No need to send out to know what a pension is worth!

Online Client Data Entry

Client data entry software
Clients can fill in their Affidavit information on their computers at home and send it to you. It opens right up in your software. Clients feel empowered. You save money. And all at not cost either to you or the client.

Web-based data entry as well
As an alternative, clients can enter their data on the web and send it to you. Whichever approach your client is more comfortable with, we can accommodate.

The Cloud Bundle ($59.95/month per attorney + $99 set-up fee).

The Cloud Edition ($59.95/month per attorney + $99 set-up fee).

Increased Profitability

Guidelines, Affidavits, data entry, quicker resolutions
With the time saved preparing guidelines and affidavits, and the time saved using electronic client data entry, and the time saved getting clients to settlement faster, you will definitely be more profitable.

We Support It

Unlimited free technical support
Your subscription includes unlimited free technical support by phone and e-mail. We have an innovative support method called "Send Your File." You send your file (encrypted and stripped of client name and SSN), and we can see exactly what you have done and what you need to do.

We Guarantee It

Cancel Any Time
Unlike other companies, we will charge you monthly and allow you to cancel at any time.

DissoMaster Comparison Chart

Quickly See Where to Enter Items in Family Law Software
If you are converting from DissoMaster, this page will show you where things are entered in Family Law Software.

Click here for DissoMaster to Family Law Software Conversion Chart




And there's even more:

What If Analysis

Ask "what if" with key expenses such as children's expenses, who pays the mortgage, and who pays for college. See the impact on each party's bottom line.

Unique, powerful maintenance calculator

Automatically calculate how much maintenance is needed to reach recipient’s financial goals (on a fully tax-adjusted basis).

Work with financial neutrals

Family Law Software is by far the preferred choice of software for use by financial neutrals in the collaborative process in California. If attorneys in collaborative practice use the software also, you gain an extra efficiency advantage of easy file sharing for the entire case.

Multiple platform

Runs on Windows and Macintosh. Files may be shared across platforms. Runs in a Citrix environment. Client files may be stored locally, on a network, or in the cloud.

Reasonable cost

Cost is $49.95 per attorney per month (Full Edition) or $24.95 per month (Basic Edition), plus set-up fee of $99. Paralegals are free with licensed attorney. Both editions allow for unlimited use.