Easier, More Efficient, More Profitable, and Better Outcomes

Fully Updated for 2017 tax act

Correct Child Support Results
Family Law Software is fully updated for the 2017 tax act, with higher standard deductions, elimination of exemptions, new pass-through entity deduction, limitation on state and local taxes, mortgage interest limitations, and everything else. If your software is not updated, it will not calculate child support correctly. Family Law Software is and does.

Easier Better Sworn Financial Statements

Two Formats to Choose From

Generate the official SFS, or generate our own "expanded" SFS format, which all of our subscribers prefer. Enter footnotes, as lengthy as you like. Footnotes print right with the line items. You can also specify footnotes to be bold. You can also specify items as "estimated," and enter values such as "Unknown" or "To be Determined." Specify items to be highlighted in yellow or blue. Change a number at the last minute, and all totals, including taxes, will update instantly, ready for printing.

Easier Guidelines

Lightning Fast Data Entry
Enter all key Child Support Guideline items on one screen. See the result instantly at the bottom. It's that easy. The software automatically generates the correct version -- Sole or Shared.

Easier Maintenance

Compute Statutory Maintenance
The software computes statutory maintenance automatically, based on the incomes of the parties. It computes the statutorily suggested duration of maintenance as well. Then click a box to use this maintenance as a deduction for the child support calculation, if you wish. See it instantly with Family Law Software.

Better Client Outcomes

Equitable distribution, budgets, alimony calculations
Settle the matter as quickly as possible with our clear and convincing Equitable Distribution scenarios and Budget Reports. Easily calculate the amount of alimony needed to cover the recipient's budget, including all tax effects. Several of the leading family law firms in Colorado are now using Family Law Software throughout the firm.

Better Client Data Entry

Free client data entry software
Clients can fill in their child support and Sworn Financial Statement information on their computers at home and send it to you. It opens right up in your software. Clients feel empowered. You save money.

Increased Profitability

Guidelines, Affidavits, data entry, quicker resolutions
With the time saved preparing guidelines and reworking Sworn Financial Statements, and the time saved using electronic client data entry, and the time saved getting clients to settlement faster, you will definitely be more profitable.

The Cloud Bundle ($59.95/month per attorney + $99 set-up fee).

The Cloud Edition ($59.95/month per attorney + $99 set-up fee).

We Support It

Unlimited free technical support
Your subscription includes unlimited free technical support by phone and e-mail. We have an innovative support method called "Send Your File." You send your file (encrypted and stripped of client name and SSN), and we can see exactly what you have done and what you need to do.

We Guarantee It

Six month full-money-back guarantee
We give you our iron-clad six-month full-money back guarantee. If you cancel your subscription for any reason or no reason any time in the first six months, we will give you a full refund. It's as simple as that. So there is absolutely no risk in giving it a try.




And there's much more:

Easy Client Data Entry

Electronic client data entry lets clients enter their data at home and send it to you electronically. This makes clients happier and makes you more efficient -- and more profitable.

Unique, powerful maintenance calculator

Automatically calculate how much maintenance is needed to reach recipient’s financial goals (on a fully tax-adjusted basis). Express the goal as a dollar threshold or as a percent of combined after-tax resources.

Equitable distribution

Easily move property from one column to the other to achieve your target equitable distribution. Specify dollars of the asset, or percent of the asset, for either party. Automatically pulls separate property "off the table." Much easier than a spreadsheet, and no Excel or programming required. By getting to settlement more quickly, you make clients happier, and you improve your efficiency and profitability.

Multiple platform

Runs on Windows and Macintosh. Files may be shared across platforms. Runs in a Citrix environment. Client files may be stored locally, on a network, or in the cloud.

Personal Touch

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Colorado representative, Barbara Stark, at 303-389-9808 or Barbara.Stark@FamilyLawSoftware.com.