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Family Law Software can calculate child support guideline amounts in 21 states.

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Question: How can I print a PDF on the Macintosh?

Answer: To create a PDF on the Macintosh version, click "Print" as if you are going to print to a printer.

If you are printing a single report that is onscreen, you would click the Print button at the top of the Family Law Software window (to the right of the Home, Files and Lawyer tabs).

If you are printing Financial tab reports, first select the reports you want to print, as shown below.

Then click the "Print" button immediately above the reports list, as shown below:

In the dialog box that pops up, below the selection for "Copies" and "Pages," there will be a button labeled "PDF," on the left:

Click that button, then select "Save as PDF."

In the Save dialog, you may navigate to your Documents folder and save the PDF there. In the image below, a folder called FLS PDFs has previously been created, and the file is being saved there.

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