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Question: Why Does the Budget Report not match the New York Net Worth Statement?

Answer: When we developed Family Law Software, we created a list of expenses that has worked for us in every state except New York.

In New York, the official Net Worth Statement was sufficiently different from the Family Law Software list of expenses that we created an entirely separate expense list to handle it.

Many of the items in the Family Law Software expense list correspond to items on the Net Worth Statement list, but many do not.

The Budget Report is generated from our Family Law Software list, not the Net Worth Statement list. We have found a way to carry each Net Worth Statement line to a Budget Report line. Many times, multiple Net Worth Statement lines will carry to a single Budget Report Line.

As a result, the totals on the Budget Report should match those on the Net Worth Statement Expense screen, but the line items will not match on line by line basis.

To help you understand the carries, we have created a report we call the "Expense Tracking Report." You can view this report by clicking a link near the top of the Lawyer tab > Expenses screen.

The Expense Tracking Report shows the correspondence between each Net Worth Statement item and the way that it flows into the Budget Report.

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