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Question: What issues have arisen with the 2014 Connecticut Affidavit?

Answer: Here are some of the issues, and our responses.

Q: Other payroll deductions. There is no place to enter payroll deductions such as long term disability, supplemental disability, vision insurance, etc.

A: This is how the affidavit was designed, and the state has not allowed us to add additional lines. You can add the total into "Union Dues" and footnote what they are. Or, you could enter them in the other expenses section, and footnote them as "deducted from payroll." Not very elegant solutions, but that is where we are.

Q: Where is the death benefit for life insurance?

A: The state left it off the 2014 form. You can indicate it in a footnote.

Q: How can I get a joint debt to show up as 50% of the balance?

A: Follow these steps:

1. Specify that you want assets and debts shown at 50% on the Form Info screen.

2. Specify that the debt is titled "Joint."

The debt will be shown on the Affidavit at 50% of its balance.

Q: What initial glitches have now been fixed?

A: The following glitches have been fixed. If you are experiencing any of these, please update to the latest release. To update, click Home tab > Software Updates > Update.:

1. Name and address info now carries to the box at the bottom of the form. (Build 423,08)

2. Attorney's name can now optionally carry to the notary field at the bottom of the form. Specify this on the Form Info page. (Build 423,08)

3. Self employment footnotes now print with the self-employment line. (Build 423.10, posted January 16, 2014)


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