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Question: What If A Spouse Is Going To Take Half The Other Spouse's Social Security?

Answer: The software currently only allows a spouse to enter his or her own social security.

To enter a situation where a wife is taking half of a husband's social security (for example), please do the following:

1. Calculate what the amount will be (i.e., half the husband's social security).

2. Figure out how old the wife will be when the husband begins receiving social security.

3. On the Social Security screen, enter that age as the wife's age.

4. As the social security amount, enter half the husband's social security.

5. If the wife is an age different than 65, the software will adjust the social security amount to show an earlier or later retirement. Click the button, and click the Report on Social Security Income.

6. Adjust the amount you enter for the wife up or down until the amount shown on the report is the correct amount.

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