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Question: Should I Enter the Property As Real Estate or Cash & Investment?

Answer: You may choose based on the level of detail you wish to enter.

If the real estate is more of a passive investment, where it is enough to enter net value and rate of return (or dollar amount of return), then Cash & Investments would be fine.

Use the Real Estate screen if you wish to enter the investment in more detail.

Specifically, use Real Estate if...

  • You wish to enter expenses at the level of detail of entering gross income, expenses, depreciation, etc.; or

  • The real estate will be sold; or

  • There is a mortgage, and you wish to include the effects of mortgage amortization in your projections; or

  • The real estate is partially residential; or

  • Income will appreciate at a different rate than expenses, and you wish to reflect that; or

  • Depreciation is allocated in a different percentage than ownership

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