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Question: I sent instructions to the client on data entry, but he did not get them.


This FAQ concerns situations in which you are trying to enable a client to enter his or her data, and you used the Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send > New Client screen.

If you get an error message from the software, indicating that the e-mail could not be sent, it may be that our online database has not yet been updated with your information.

If you just signed up for Family Law Software, please wait an hour or two, and try again.

If you signed up before today, and the e-mail could not be sent, please check your Internet connection.

If you are connected, please ask your IT person to "whitelist" the web site FLSGo.com.

If the e-mail appears to have been successfully generated, but the client does not report receiving it. ask the client to check his or her spam filter.

If the e-mail is not in the client's spam folder, please try sending the e-mail again, to make sure that you entered the client's e-mail address correctly.

Finally, if all else fails, please contact technical support with your name and the e-mail address of the client. We will be able to send the e-mail invitation to the client from here.

If you are not able to send the e-mail, then the client should use the Client Software (not the Web Data Entry), and the client should send the file to you by e-mail (not through our server).