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Question: I have just updated on the Macintosh, but I do not seem to have the latest version. The download seems not to have worked.

Answer: Please follow these steps, which we have found sometimes to be necessary, because the Macintosh's download system does not always seem to be working correctly:

1. Delete Family Law Software. Drag the Family Law Software icon from your applications folder into the trash. If Family Law Software is in your dock at the bottom of the screen, also drag the icon from there into the trash. This will NOT affect your client files. Your client files will be untouched by this action.

2. Additional steps. Follow these additional steps to completely remove Family Law Software program (but not data files).

3. Restart your computer. Restart your computer. This resets the Macintosh's download system, so the new file will replace the old one.

4. Download the latest Family Law Software. Download from our website, here:

Click here to go to the Download page

5. Minimize browser and drag icon. After the download completes, you need to minimize your browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.), and drag the newly downloaded icon into the Applications folder.

6. Try a different browser. If it still is not working, try a different browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.).

After the software is installed, you may drag the icon from the Applications folder to the Dock at the bottom of the screen.