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Question: How can I adjust page breaking on my Net Worth Statement?


First, we recommend that you only "worry" about dangling lines when you are doing the final Net Worth Statement. As long as you are working with drafts don't worry about it.

As you edit and add and delete items and/or footnotes throughout the Net Worth Statement, the page breaking will keep changing. If you change page breaking in the draft, it may then become a problem later. So just wait until you are at that final stage.

The program tries hard to eliminate dangling lines, and most of the time it succeeds. The software's pagination routine for the Net Worth Statement is actually very complex. It tries hard to keep all the lines of an asset on one page, for example. It also tries not to have pages that have just one or two lines on them, but sometimes we cannot avoid it.

If you see a dangling line, here are some things to try:

1. Try printing a PDF instead of a direct print. Sometimes these dangles will disappear in the PDF version.

2. Take a look at your footnotes. See if you can add another line or two to lengthen the note, or shorten the footnote, whichever gets you the result you need.

3. Close up sections. At the top of the data entry screens for Expenses, Gross Income, Assets, Liabiliaties, and Statements, there is a checkbox to start the section on a new page. You can clear that checkbox, and the next section will start immediately after the previous section. This will eliminate the almost-blank page at the end of the previous section.

4. You can "force" additional white space between sections.

a. On the screens where you enter Gross Income, Expenses, Assets or Liabilites, you will see after each section a link labeled [note].

b. If you want to add extra space below that section, click that link.

c. One line will appear. Then, click the blue "note" button at the end of that paragraph. When you do, it will give you one blank line.

d. If that is not enough white space to push things down enough, you then click "edit" at the end of the line. Then, you may add as many lines as you want by holding the control button and press the Enter key (as many times as you want). Once you have your lines, just hit one or two periods. What this will do is create white space that will push the next group of text further down the page.

With all these techniques, you should be able to control the page breaking sufficiently.

5. PDF to Word conversion.

If all else fails, you can get a PDF management program such as Solid Documents PDF-to-Word ($39 at this writing).

Then, you would do the following:

1. Print the Net Worth Statement to a PDF.
2. Use Solid Documents to convert it to a Word document.
3. Tighten up the line breaks in the Word document to fit it all on one page.