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Question: How can I implement a Spousal Support Lump Sum payment in Family Law Software?

Answer: You can follow these steps to implement the alimony present value (lump sum) in a software scenario.

1. Save As.

Save the file under a new name for this scenario. Click Files tab > Save As.

2. Find the lump sum (present value) amount.

It is at the bottom of the "more info" screen for alimony (spousal support).

3. Specify the allocation of assets to reflect this.

If the payer has sufficient separate ("non-marital" or "non-community") assets to cover the payment, you can specify that those assets are being given to the other party.

If the payer does not have sufficient separate ("non-marital" or "non-community") assets to cover the payment, which is the usual case, you might want to specify this as a Property Settlement. You can find this on Financial tab > Property Settlement or Lawyer tab > Support/Alimony > Property Settlement.

After you have entered the payment terms, click the "Reimbursement" checkbox, because this should *not* count toward the marital property division.

4. Set the alimony amount to zero.

Because this lump sum payment is in lieu of alimony, you would set the alimony amount to zero.