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Question: When I change numbers on the What If Analysis, the taxes do not seem to be updating.


The way that What If Analysis works is that it temporarily substitutes your "what if" numbers for the "actual" numbers, then runs the calculations, including the tax calculation.

If a tax number along the way is overridden, then the overridden value will be used.

As a result, the "what if" will use the overridden actual value, not the "what if" value.

When you are using "What If Analysis," please be sure that you clear the overrides on any numbers that you wish would be affected in the "what if" calculations.

For example, if you have entered an override on the View/Edit Taxes report to "Other Income," you may wish to leave that override in place, because you want it to be there in all of your "What If" scenarios.

On the other hand, if you have overridden total federal taxes, you would want to clear that override while doing your "What If" analyses.

You do not need to clear overrides on child support, spousal support, or wages.