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Question: Why does the bottom line of the Budget Report not match the Spreadsheet for Income After Expenses and Taxes?

Answer: The Budget Report in Monthly view can be different than the after-tax net cash flow.

This is because the Monthly view attempts to project what monthly payments will be on an ongoing basis, rather than simply showing 1/12 of the annual amount.

Differences will arise when there are payments that extend only for part of a year, including mortgages that is, and child and spousal support that begins during the year.

This is explained in more detail in the help buttons for the Budget Report options.


If you switch the Budget Report to Annual view, then the numbers will match exactly those on the Spreadsheet for Net Income after Expenses and Taxes.

To switch the Budget Report to Annual view, click the link at the top of the Budget report to see Budget Report options, then select the option shown below: