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Question: I have printed the Court Forms to a PDF, and I can't see the checkboxes.

Answer: This problem can occur on Macintosh computers. If you are using a Mac, you will need the official Adobe PDF reader to see the checkboxes. This reader is free, and the instructions below describe how to download and install it, and how to make it your default viewer for PDF documents.

This will take about 10-15 minutes with a high-speed connection.

We suggest that you print out this page and refer to it as you go.

1. In your browser, go to www.Adobe.com

2. On the Adobe web site, search for "Acrobat Reader" or "Acrobat Reader DC." Go to the download page.

3. On the download page, you will be asked to specify your computer's operating system. To find out your computer's operating system, click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen, and select "About this Mac." Write down the operating system number (e.g., Version 10.7.2). Click the red close button at the top of this window.

3. Return to your browser, in the tab for Adobe Acrobat.

4. Select the operating system version for your computer corresponding to the operating system number you found.

5. Specify your language (e.g., English).

6. You may be given a choice of Adobe Acrobat versions. Select the one with the highest number.

7. Select download.

8. When the download completes, click the yellow button at the top left corner of your browser, to minimize your browser. This is an important, and non-obvious step.

9. You will see a window labeled "Install Adobe Reader." Double-click the icon in that window.

10. You will get a dialog saying that this program was downloaded from the Internet. Click "Open."

11. You may be prompted for a password. Enter the password you enter when you are starting your computer.

12. When the download is complete, click "Finish."

13. Close the Adobe Reader Installer window (by clicking the red X button in upper left-hand corner).

14. Go to Finder > Applications, and double-click Adobe Reader. It will ask if it should be made the default PDF reader. Say Yes.

15. The next time you use Family Law Software to view a PDF from Court Forms, you should see the checkboxes.