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Question: Using the Cloud Edition, how can I send a file to another professional?

Answer: Currently, what you have to do is open the desktop edition (Windows or Mac), download the file from the cloud to the desktop, and then email the file from your desktop.

The desktop edition is included at no additional cost with the Cloud edition.

If you have not yet installed it, you may download it here.

For the installation, you will need to know your KeyCode.

You should have received your KeyCode in an e-mail from us. You may search your e-mail for "Family Law Software KeyCode."

If you do not see it there, you may request your KeyCode here.

Once the software is installed, you will want to download the file from the Cloud, then e-mail the file to the other professional.

On the Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send screen...


... you will find those buttons here:


If that does not work, click here.