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Question: I am not seeing the life insurance premium on my Colorado Sworn Financial Statement.

Answer: The treatment of life insurance depends on whether or not the insurance is a payroll deduction.

This note describes both possibilities.

1. If the life insurance is a payroll deduction:

If the life insurance is a payroll deduction, you may indicate that on Income & Expenses > Investment, Debt, as shown below.


The entry will then carry to the Sworn Financial Statement, Section 2, as shown below:


2. If the life insurance is NOT a payroll deduction:

Life insurance that is NOT a payroll deduction is not on the Official Affidavit.

If your client has life insurance that is NOT a payroll deduction, and you want it to appear,you have to use the expanded affidavit for expenses. Here is how to do that:

a. Clear the checkbox at Income & Expenses > Investment, Debt, so that the insurance is specified to be NOT a payroll deduction.

b. Go to the Form Info screen and click the boxes at the top to indicate that you want expense details (not official format).


c. Then you will see the premium under section I. Miscellaneous.