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Question: How can I handle post-decree cases?


The Family Law Software Sworn Financial Statement has two versions: with details, and without.

You make the selection on the Form Info screen.

The version "without" details is the Official Sworn Financial Statement.

Mostly, people use the "unofficial" version (with details) for divorces. This version changes the formatting of the asset list to provide columns that show the current value, the nonmarital value and the net marital equity.

For post-dissolution cases and nonmarital cases (where there is no separate property) you should change the format to the "official" version, by going to the Form Info screen and specifying the version"without" details, by clearing the check box shown below.


The formatting of the asset section will then switch to the official Sworn Financial Statement form showing the full asset values.

Please keep in mind that the Colorado official form only shows assets for boxes A through E. If you have assets in any of the other categories, you will also print the second form, JDF111-SS to include the remaining assets.

We recommend that you always check the top box shown above, to print expense data with details.