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Question: How does Family Law Software compare to EasySoft?

Answer: Family Law Software is a much more complete solution for the Family Law practitioner. Specifically:

  • Family Law Software's property division is completely integrated and easy to use. No export/import needed.
  • On the Case Information Statement (CIS), Family Law Software allows you to print footnotes with each line item from within the software -- no need to print to a word processor first to add footnotes.
  • Family Law Software performs detailed tax calculations for the current year. This allows you to give accurate budget estimates for all clients.
  • Family Law Software contains an easy-to-use calculation of the amount of spousal support needed to cover a recipient’s budget.
  • Family Law Software contains an easy-to-use calculation of the amount of spousal support needed to reach a 50/50 division of cash after taxes.
  • Family Law Software generates a defined pension benefit valuation that is as actuarially accurate as any appraiser.
  • Family Law Software allows you to do cash flow projections for up to 50 years in the future.
  • Family Law Software has numerous charts and graphs for such things as Income after support and taxes, Alimony Needed, Who Should Claim Exemptions, Best Filing Status, and more.
  • Family Law Software runs locally, so it is very fast, but data files can be stored in DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or any other cloud folder system that integrates with Windows and Macintosh. So you get the best of both worlds: speed of operation plus accessibility of files from anywhere.

Family Law Software is also easier to learn and use. For example:
  • Family Law Software has all the key entries for the Child Support calculation on a single screen.
  • Family Law Software installs via download and is easy to install on multiple computers (no charge for paralegals or administrative assistants).

And one final bonus:
Family Law Software runs on both Windows and Macintosh!

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