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Question: My computer crashed. How can I get going again and restore my client files?

Answer: Follow the steps below, and we will restore as much as possible.

1. Reinstall the Software.

Getting the software re-installed is the easy part. You can click here and download it:

Download latest version of Family Law Software

2. Enter your KeyCode.

If you do not know your KeyCode, you may request it here:

Request KeyCode

3. Restore your files.

This part is a bit more involved, and it may not work.

The software and client files are stored on a network in your office, in the cloud, or on your computer.

If you have an office network, they were probably stored in a folder on your office network. In that case, the files are probably all still there. All you have to do to point the program to that folder. To do that, click Files & Settings > Settings > Change Default Folder.

Similarly, if the files were in the cloud, with DropBox or Google Drive for PC for example, do the same thing and navigate to the drive in the cloud.

If you do not have a network, the files were probably saved on your hard drive in the folder My Documents > Family Law Software.

You should retrieve them from that folder in your office back-ups.

The files have the name you gave them, and then ".fls."

You can use Windows "My Computer" or Macintosh Finder to drag the folders into the folder where you want them now.

If you saved the files only on the computer that crashed, and you have no back-ups, we are sorry to tell you that there is no way to recover them.

For the future, be sure you have backups!